Christmas Tree Decorations - 1978


These Christmas tree decorations are very easily crocheted and are very inexpensive. They work out at approximately 6p each. It motifs when stiffened (With sugar and water) look like stars. They look very pretty on a tree and have the added advantage of being unbreakable. Guests at Christmas seldom fail to admire them and it is nice to be to say “I made them myself” There is still time to make them before Christmas.


Ch – Chain, Dc – Double Crochet, Hlf tr – Half Treble, Dtr – Double Treble, Ss – slipstitch, Sp(s) – Space (s), Rep – repeat, Cont- continue, In(s) – inch (s), Cm – centimetre


To make a cluster Ch 4 (to count as dtr), holding back on hook that last loop of each dtr make 2 dtr in the same st as ch (three loops on hook), thread over and draw through all loops on hook. This cluster is used in Motif “A” The Cluster used in Motif “B” is made in the same way but is made in each loop and there are 4 dtr in the cluster. (4-dtr cluster)

Motif “A”

Measurement: - 8cm (3ins)

Materials:- 1 Ball of Twilley’s Gold fingering. Crochet Hook size 1.75


One ball of Goldfingering will make approximately 9 Motifs, using “A”, “B” and “C”

Ch 10, ss to form ring.

1st row - 18 dc into ring, ss into 1st dc made

2nd row - 3 dtr cluster, * ch 10, miss 2 dc, 3 dtr cluster into next dc; *rep from * to * all around ring, ending with 10 ch, ss into top of 1st cluster. (8 cluster)

3rd row – into each 10-ch loop work 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc, 3 ch, 3 dc, 3 ch, 3dc; ss into 1 st dc. Fasten off.

Motif “B”

Using same thread and hook as above make 8 ch, ss to form ring.

1st row-  7ch, 1 dtr into ring; * 3 ch, 1 dtr into ring *; rep from * to * 5 more times; 3 ch, ss into 3rd of 7 ch. (8 sps)

2nd row – ss into 1st sp, 4-dtr cluster; * 10 ch, 4-dtr cluster *, rep from * to * 6 times more, 10 ch, ss into top of 1st cluster. (8 cluster and loops).

3rd row – into each loop work 6 dc, 5ch, 6 dc, and 1 dc into top of each cluster, ending ss into top of last cluster.

Fasten off

Motif “C” (Measurement 9cm)

Using the same thread and hook as above make 8 ch, ss, to form ring.

1st row-  7ch, 1drt into ring; * 3 ch, 1 dtr into ring *, rep form * to * 5 times more; 3 ch, ss into 3rd of 7 ch. (8 sps)

2nd row – into each sp work 1 dc, 1 htr, 1 tr, 1 dtr, 1 tr, 1 htr, 1 dc; ss into 1 st dc. (8 petals)

3rd row - * 12 ch, 1 dc between next two petals *;  rep form* to * all round, ss into 1st ch. (8 loops)

4th row – into each loop work 5 dc, 2 ch, 5 dc ss into 1 st dc.

To stiffen motifs

4 tablespoons of granulated sugar, pour 3 tablespoons of hot water over sugar, put on a very low gas and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Allow to slightly cool. Put each motif separately into this solution, squeeze out. Pin out motifs on board to dry.

Christmas Star Mobile

Another decorative way to use the motifs is to make a mobile.  Take two pieces of narrow wood (or firm plastic will do) about 23 cms (9ins) long, cross them in the centre and bind at this point with cellotape. Cove this with ribbon, then hang 6 or 8 of the motifs at different lengths form the crossed wood bars. A piece of mistletoe may be suspended form the centre point of the wood.

By Mary Coleman

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