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From Mrs Josephine Helly, National President of the Irish CountryWomen’s Association.


Kite Entertainment is producing for Virgin Media Television, which will explore one possible solution to the accommodation crisis younger people have been

BirdWatch Ireland

I work for BirdWatch Ireland and in a bid to raise awareness about our beloved garden birds I would like to offer my services by delivering illustrated talks


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Treel Nurseries, Legan are hosting a demonstration and talk on gardening on Monday 15th June next at 7pm. There will be a Bring & Buy Sale at the same event by ICA members and a raffle with an array of gardening prizes, too. Bring your questions and a friend or two along for a pleasant and informative evening, courtesy of Treel Nurseries, Legan.






Welcome to Longford ICA ........ wondering should you join.... Read on 

My thoughts on my years in ICA. After 37 years as a member of ICA, I often wonder how my life would have been if I had not joined this splendid all-women's organisation. Over the years it has opened so many doors to me which have made my life richer, more challenging, interesting and life-enhancing. ICA looks out for the needs of it's local community as well as the individual member, so in this way I have found myself involved in many local projects both at guild and County level. This has brought me into contact with such a variety of women who have shared their gifts and their friendship with me. As we work on our crafts, sing our songs, act in our plays, learn to run a meeting, publish a local history book, follow our interests or just chat over the cup of tea -  what I most treasure after the thirty seven years is the companionship and lasting friendships with women from all walks of life.This for me is the spirit of the ICA  - the reason I continue to be a member.- Margot Gearty


Longford Guilds

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History of  Longford Federation

In 1939 Alice MacEoin invited some of her women neighbours to her home at Garvagh , Ballinalee with a view to forming a branch of ICA in the area. The meeting was a success and so the first Guild of ICA in Longford was born. The Association gradually spread to other areas and first records from the Federation minutes show that by 1947 there were guilds in Lenamore, Killashee, Melview, Kenagh, Clonahard, Ballymacormack and Knockloughlin.  Some idea of those early meetings can be gleaned from the following recollections of an early member.

“I joined the Lenamore Guild in the early 1950’s. There were between 30 and 40 members in the Kilglass Parish Hall – a corrugated iron structure with interior timber lined walls and ceilings. Dedicated honorary secretaries arrived 15 to 20 minutes before starting time to “open up” and cope with temperamental tilly lamps and oil stoves. These had to be filled with paraffin oil and wicks had to be trimmed before a match was put to them. The hazards of setting fire to the woodlined walls did not seem to cause near insolvency which would arise today with insurance costs. If tea was on the agenda the urn had to be filled with water from the village well and then swung into place over the reluctant flames.

The ICA was a negotiating agency for VEC adult education classes in cookery, dressmaking and carpentry and these were availed of widely. Very importantly women learned through the ICA handbooks (still available today) and from talks and training courses how to elect guild officers and how to conduct meetings in a business like way when decisions made and recorded could be upheld at future dates.”

From a very early date there was involvement with Longford Show, an involvement that still continues to this day.  A Council meeting, attended by delegates from all over Ireland was held in the Temperance Hall on 10th and 11th February 1950 and another one was held in 1989 in the Fountain Blue where 400 – 500 women attended.

Federation Presidents

1948     Mrs Kellock

1949     Mrs Murray

1950     Mai Farrell

1951     Sybil Magan

1954     Mrs McLarnon

1955     Elizabeth Potter

1956     Lena Farrell

1957     Elizabeth Potter

1966     Josephine Quinn

1968     Mary O’Brien

1971     Eileen Farrell

1974     Val Hourican

1977     Eva Wilson

1980     Marcella Higgins

1983     Joan Johnson

1984     Tess Ledwith

1987     Maura O’Brien

1990     Mary O’Hara

1993     Elsie Moxham

1996     Tess Murphy

1999      Margot Gearty

2002     Jen Doherty

2006     Anne Donohoe

2009     Stephanie Igoe

 2012      May Campbell

2015      Mary Carthy


What's On – Longford


President  :  Mary Carthy    087 763 7325 

Vice Presidents  :  Margo Ward       087 947 5314

                        May Campbell 086 375 1242

Secretary  : Breege Kenny    086 871 1653

Treasurer  :  Anne Marie Donoghue  087 713 6550

P.R.O.   ……Colleen McHale  087 265 9307



Federation Specialiasts


Arts Officer ……  Mary Doyle  087 754 5413


Craft Promoter……Roisin Lennon   086 350 1339


Produce Secretary ….Angela McKeon 086 168 7372


Contest Secretary …. Lillian Walsh   086 601 4661  


International Officer…..Anna Delaney  085 888 8876


Teachta ……..Anne O'Reilly    086 831 2785


Timire ……….  Margaret McDonald   086 391 8577


Sports Officer……. Gretta Tynan    087 990 1097


Liasion Officer ……… Helen O'Shea085 710 1053


 Information Officer … Kathleen Kelly   086 319 4662

                                       Catherine Gallagher  086 343 5747

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