National Pitch and Putt Competition

The National Pitch and Putt competition will be held in Seapoint Pitch and Putt club, Termonfechin on Sat. 15th Sept

2018 ICA Guild “Skills of the Year” Competition

Virginia Agricultural Show Society Presents 2018 ICA Guild “Skills of the Year” Competition Kindly Sponsored by Mc EVOY’S ‘SuperValu’, Virginia

Experience Counts Conversation Salon

We would like to invite adults 50+ to attend our Conversation Salon event, where we will chat about volunteering, community and our shared values. We would

On the 4th of July in the National Concert Hall we are putting together a fundraising Concert in aid of Pieta House.

A large orchestra from Seattle USA (Tacoma Concert Band) is coming in to play at the NCH with The Artane senior band and Paul Byrom to raise funds for Pieta

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Joining an ICA guild is easy - you can contact us here or ring our office at 01 6680002. We'll ask you for you name, address, phone number and some of your interests so we can match you to a guild that shares your interests.

If you try out the guild we've set you up with and you're not sure it's the right fit, let us know. We'll work with you to find a guild you'll enjoy! 


Who can join the ICA?
All women from the age of 16 can become members of the ICA.

How much does it cost to join ICA?
There is a base national membership fee of €50. In addition, each Federation charges a small fee to cover expenses for the work at county level. In your Guild, the members decide their programme and social activities from year to year, and based on that collect any money needed to cover costs such as transport, speakers or trainers, visits and so on.

I’m not much good at crafts – does the ICA offer anything for me?
The ICA is involved in many activities from drama to sport, literature to arts and crafts and in community projects, supporting charities and local causes. We definitely have something for you – just contact us here and we can help you connect with a Guild that will match your interests. You might also enjoy learning about crafts though – you may not be much good now but the ICA provides many opportunities for learning new skills.

I live in a town – isn’t the ICA just for rural women?
Not at all – we have as many members in towns and cities as in rural areas. Take a look at our map to find the guild near you.

I work outside the home – is the ICA really for me?
The beauty of the ICA is that it really offers something for everyone and many members juggle a combination of home making, paid and other voluntary work and a busy involvement in ICA. Try it for yourself.

I live in a place that has no ICA Guild – does that mean I can’t join?
No – there may be a Guild near where you work, or that you can reach by car or public transport. We can help you find the Guild that’s right for you – or you may see an opportunity to set up a new Guild with other women in your area.

I’m 26 – is the ICA for young women like me?
The ICA is open to all women from the age of 16 years and we have had huge interest from younger Irish women over the last few months because of the popular ICA Bootcamp programme on RTE. Most guilds have a good mix of younger and older women, making for a great learning environment for everyone! Contact us and we'll make sure to find you a guild that suits your age and interests.

How can I find an ICA Guild to suit me?
Contact us here or call our Central Office on 01 668 0002. You will be contacted by someone in your county who will help you decide on the right Guild for you.

Can I change Guilds if I the activities in the one I join don’t interest me?
Yes – we want every member to enjoy being involved in the ICA and each Guild has a different programme of activity. There is a simple system of transferring membership to another Guild and your Federation will be able to help you find the right Guild.

Do I have to join ICA to use the Adult Education College at An Grianan?
No, the College is open to everyone, men and women – just click on the links here.

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